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Why do WE not have artificial flavored coffee?

We get people sometimes asking for “grape” flavored, “caramel” flavored or even “'s’mores” & “hazelnut” flavors. Unfortunately, many coffee drinkers remain in the dark about artificially flavored coffee.

It’s true - The popular coffee flavoring chemical compound propylene glycol, also exists in antifreeze! Irish Cream is made with ethyl alcohol, dimethylamine-D1, and formamidine acetate.

Also, don’t be fooled by the cover up of quality. A majority of your big-chain roasters use cheaper Robusta coffee beans, which are highly acidic and bitter tasting. These beans are simply the carriers of the chemical flavors.

Calico Jack Coffee stays away from harsh chemical additives for environmental and health reasons. We invest our time in bringing natural flavors out of the beans and to your taste buds.

Coffee has more flavor potential than wine. Properly roasted coffee can release the power of 800 naturally occurring chemical compounds. To give you some perspective, wine has only 200 flavor compounds. Coffee is packed with flavor — you just have to roast it right.

Freshness is key - Protect your coffee experience with fresh coffee. Coffee loses its flavor within the first few weeks after roasting. To give you some perspective, grocery store coffee (not local) is, on average, 3 months old due to the logistics of transportation and distribution. Protect your coffee flavor by only buying coffee that’s been roasted fresh within the past few days.

Where we buy our green beans is a high priority. The coffee tree is affected by the climate and elevation of the coffee’s country of origin. The higher the elevation the better. The more tropical the climate the better. The combination of soil type, climate, and elevation all combine to give you 800 chemical compounds that make up coffee’s complex flavor.

What are you waiting for? You have our stamp of approval for goodness.